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  9. Screen shots (version 1.5.1) 
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Features :

Note1 : To format a 40Go hard drive => Erase the disk and then import the file table of an empty Thomson disk (file "format40Go.DTH" included into the DTHexplorer zip archive).
    It should be similar to format as it could be done on the DTH7000 unit itself (by pressing [Av]+[Stop]+[Play] front panel buttons simultaneously), but only for a 40Go disk unfortunately.
Note2 : To preview a video => Let the option "auto open destination after save" set and start a save video operation. Abort it quickly (far before end).
    Then double click on the VOB file, it should start playing this preview in your default mpeg player (if some is installed however).

Download :

  DTH Explorer
DTH Explorer Help is available here

Requirements :

Installation :

It is very easy. It contains no spywares, viruses, advertising.
It doesn't modify the windows registry.
  1. Download the ZIP archive from the link above.
  2. unzip it where you want. I recommend to create a folder : "C:\Program Files\DTH explorer\" and to unzip the archive inside.
Nothing more, your program is ready to run !
(it's up to you to create the various shortcuts you may want)

Known bugs :

  1. Theoretical weakness in low level write/read due to possible bad memory allocation. (even if it only happens one time during developpement under specific conditions). However if it fails an error message is generated but no major consequences can be expected. 
  2. Status bar refresh doesn't works, therefore if the windows is temporarily masked by another application, once focus returns on it the status bar content is missing !
  3. Sometime one video can't be imported due to a Seagate disk problem. The progress bar progression stop suddenly and DTH explorer hangs on !
    Solution => Low level format the DTH7000 hard disk with Seagate free diagnostic tool ("diskwizard") to try to repair it (it worked several times on mine). But be careful !!! It will erase everything on the disk ! You will have to do a Thomson format at the end to keep it compatible with your DTH7000 (see note 1). If all your computer's disks (except the Thomson one) are NTFS formatted, the disk wizard floppy version may bug. Prefers download the ISO image file version to start diskwizard from your CDrom drive.

File table corruption bug :

I thought DTHexplorer has a bug here, but recent posts on the Yahoo's forum shows me that it's, in fact, another DTH7000 bug !
Sometime a videos is not correctly recorded by the unit. Instead of recording the 3 file tables section (1 per file = 2 IFO + 1 VOB) subsequently, it records only 2 of them and at non-adjacent locations, therefore the unit is no longer able to find the mpeg files and can't display it : In the video menu, it display the video thumbnails as static image, with no motion. When read on the computer with DTHexplorer, the size is 0, and the system file view shows only 2 childs in the associated folder instead of 3!
The bug effect is that you may "loss" this video record. Once it is lost, the only way to get it back and clean the disk is to import it to computer with DTH explorer (only in the system file view mode however), then import, as usually, all other videos you want to keep and re-format the hard drive !

Version history :

I need help :

If you are interested in helping me debugging new feature or improving the existing one, don't hesitate, you are welcome !
Especially, I would like to meet some beta tester to help me developing a format capability that could also format bigger drive (above 40Go).
You are also welcome simply to report me various bugs that may happens.
This program is freeware. It give me a lot of work (I'm not a professional programmer), so If you like it, I will enjoy receiving your comments/suggestions.

Screen shots (version 1.5.1) :

Some disk features :

screen shot 3

In default "video" mode (the most useful) :
video view

In "system" mode (for debug purpose mainly) :

system file view

Segments selection before a partial video save :

partial video segment selection

While saving a video :

screen shot 4

Options dialog :
Option dialog

About DTH explorer dialog :
about dialog
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