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  1. TurboVOB description
  2. External softwares used
  3. Brief operating instructions
  4. Comparison between TurboVOB and “manual” method using ifoEdit and VobEdit
  5. Advantages of TurboVOB
  6. Disadvantages of TurboVOB
  7. Full DVD burning process description, using TurboVOB
  8. Download
  9. Requirements
  10. Installation
  11. Known bugs
  12. Version history
  13. I need help
  14. Screen shots (version 1.3.0)
    1. While defining a task
    2. While verifyning a task
    3. While executing tasks

defining taskverifying taskexecuting tasks

TurboVOB description

TurboVOB is a freeware made to run demux/remux and authoring operations by batch on several VOB files if desired.

It operates by launching external command line softwares (also freeware) successively, until all operations for all source files are done. At the end, for each of them, you will end up with a DVD folders (named VIDEO_TS) which contains cleaned VOB file(s) and associated IFO files. Then, each of these folders can be directly burned to DVD using DVDshrink (to create the ISO image file) in addition to DVD Decrypter (to burn).

TurboVOB has been developed to work on specific VOB file imported from a DTH7000 PVR (which contains one video stream, only one audio stream and no subtitle).

External softwares used

Since version 1.1.0 TurboVOB package includes all reduired command line softwares,
which are :
Already compiled version of both mplex and dvdauthor can be found inside DVDAuthorGUI (or GUI forDVDauthor or DVDstyler as well) :

Brief operating instructions

  1. Start TurboVOB (obviously it should has been previously downloaded and installed)
  2. Click on [Add task…] button to open the task manager form.
  3. Select a source file and fill all fields inside the Task manager form : Description of all files location (source, temporary and destination), list of operations to be done (demux, remux+authoring, deletion of temporary files…), chapters location if needed…
  4. Validate your choices.
  5. Repeat step 3 & 4 as many times as you have videos to proceed. If you have 20 videos to prepare for burning, you should have 20 tasks listed into the TurboVOB main form tasks list (listview).
  6. Save your project. For example, to be able to restart some tasks if an error occurs during process
  7. Click on the [start tasks] button to start processing of these tasks.
During all the process, TurboVOB will log its activities into a log file, and display it at the end.

Comparison between TurboVOB and “manual” method using ifoEdit and VobEdit

Let’s assume you have 10 imported videos from the DTH7000, to prepare for later burning.


process operation without TurboVOB
Without TurboVOB, (using vobEdit to demux and ifoEdit to remux and re-author) you will have to run “manually” vobEdit for the 1st file, wait it ends, then start ifoEdit, wait it ends, then do it again for next video, and so on… The full process requires a total of 10*2  = 20 operations ! Each of these operations last several. Therefore it means that you will have to stay in front of your computer 20*10mn (approx.) = 200mn = more than 3 hours doing very annoying tasks !!!

Operation needed with TurboVOB
 With TurboVOB you will have to spend more time at beginning to define each tasks, but, once they are started, it works for you… and you can use your precious time to do everything you wan’t (sleep on a beach, swim at swimming pool….). Wonderfull, no ?!

Advantages of TurboVOB

Disadvantages of TurboVOB

Full DVD burning process description, using TurboVOB

  1. Use DTHexplorer to import the video from the DTH7000. (out = VOB file)
  2. Use TurboVOB to prepare this video. (in = 1 VOB file, out = 1 VIDEO_TS folder including VOB file(s) (splitted if needed) and associated IFO files)
  3. Use DVDShrink to define your DVD content (title, starting + ending point) and to generate the ISO image file. Ask it to start automatically DVD Decrypter when done, to burn the DVD directly. (in = VIDEO_TS folder(s), out = the DVD itself ready to be played with your favourite player)


TurboVOB Help is not available at the moment



It is very easy. It contains no spywares, viruses, advertizing.
It doesn't modify the windows registry.
  1. Download the ZIP archive from the link above.
  2. unzip it where you want. I recommend to create a folder : "C:\Program Files\TurboVOB\" and to unzip the archive inside.
Nothing more, your program is ready to run (double click on TurboVOB.exe) !
(it's up to you to create the various shortcuts you may want)

Known bugs

  1. No bug is known today !

Version history

I need help

If you are interested in helping me debugging new feature or improving the existing one, don't hesitate, you are welcome !
This program is freeware. It give me a lot of work (I'm not a professional programmer), so If you like it, I will enjoy receiving your comments/suggestions.

Screen shots (version 1.3.0)

While defining a task

defining task

While verifyning a task

verifying task

While executing tasks

executing tasks

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